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  • Are there experience requirements?
    There are no experience requirements. All are welcome to apply, and based off your area of interest, you will work with others who will help mentor you to develop software or manufacturing experience.
  • What time commitment is required?
    We expect a minimum of 6~8 hours a week of depending on the phase of the season.
  • What equipment and applications are used?
    Aircraft Design is primarily done with SolidWorks, a computer-aided-design (CAD) software. Additional computer analysis and calculations are frequently done with Matlab, Excel, or SolidWorks Simulations. Tools for Aircraft Construction can include drills, hotwire cutters, sanding blocks, 3D-Printers, laser-cutters, hot-glue guns, saws, soldering-irons, and more.
  • What changes are there due to COVID?
    We are now in-person starting Fall 2021. University of Washington rules with regards to social distancing, mask and vaccine mandates are enforced.
  • How do I apply or find out more?
    Please fill out our short application form or email us directly. The deadline to apply is Oct 7th. No applications will be accepted after. To find out more information please email us at
  • How do I become a sponsor or donate?
    If you would like to help support us through donation or sponsorship, please visit our Sponsorship & Donation page. All contributions are greatly appreciated.
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